My Writing Path

I love to write romantic suspense novels that make readers double check door locks and sleep with flashlights, but I also enjoy writing YA time travels that take readers on adventures to historic events of the Book of Mormon and Bible. The constant thread I try to sow in both genres is faith in a higher power.

I want to entertain readers with clean, uplifting stories. My path to publication took a detour as I raised three children. During those years, I read all the how-to books on writing that I could find. When my last child graduated high school, I went back to college and earned my BA in English. I was fortunate to do an internship for the University of Utah's Continuum magazine where I learned to edit and write articles in the "real" world. Shortly after graduation I was hired by a curriculum publisher to write and edit concept and biography books for children. It was an amazing experience. I worked shoulder to shoulder with artists and computer programmers as I watched my children's stories come to life. But the desire to write full-length books kept calling to me.When my job finished, I focused my attention of writing novels.

My first published book was The Forgotten Warrior (2009) a YA time travel about a sixteen-year-old girl, Sydney Morgan, who has a black belt in karate. She's going through bad time in her life when she is given a stone that sends her back to Captain Helaman and the stripling warriors. As she helps to teach the warriors to fight, she finds herself falling in love with Tarik, Helaman's second-in-command.

In the fall of the same year An Angel on Main Street (2009), my Christmas story, was released. Nine-year-old Micah finds a Nativity being built in the center of town, but no one knows whose building it. He tells his sick littler sister about it. She tells him she believes angels are building it and when the baby Jesus arrives she'll get better. The story follows Micah as he searches for the Nativity builder.

The Stone Traveler (2010) came out a year later. Sixteen-year-old Tag is thrown back through time and space to Samuel the Lamanite's daughter. He joins her on a quest to find her father. Tag is captured by King Jacob and strapped to a sacrificial altar when a violent storms erupts. I'm not going to tell you the rest, except the story takes place at the time Christ was crucified and when he appeared in the Americas.

And in the spring of 2011 my romantic suspense, River Whispers, found its way to book stores. Regi Bernard lives in a small town on the banks of the Snake River, which is good for fishing, but bad for running into old flames, such as her high school sweetheart, Samuel Tanner. Her life spins out of control when Regi trespasses on Tanner's land to fish and gets her hook caught on the boot of a dead man. 

And so I continued to work on my writing path. I never know where it's going to take me, but oh what a journey. 


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