Saturday, April 15, 2017

Release Day for Under a New York Skyline
It's release day for Under A New York Skyline!!! 
 There are four stories in this YA anthology. 
Here are promotion blurbs for each of the stories. 
"Peterson's New York Holiday takes readers on an enjoyable adventure through New York city, the perfect blend of young love, humor, and suspense." 
 --A.L. Sowards, award-winning author of The Spider The Sparrow, Covenant Books. 
"From laugh-out-loud humor to heart-wrenching drama, Nikki Trionfo's intense, crisp style works its magic."
 --Kathleen Dougherty, author of Moth to the Flame, Penguin Adult 
"Ms. Mill's decriptive storytelling makes everything from the smallest gadget . . . come to life before the readers eyes." 
--Ameliz Kitch, InD'Tale Magazine

Teresa Richards is a brilliant new voice, and a name that I am certain everyone will know soon enough." 
--Roberto Calas, Author of The Scrouge Series, 47 North 
It was such fun writing another young adult story.
I hope you'll give the anthology a try.
And stay tuned. In the next week or so I have some very VERY exciting news coming about the sequel to The Forgotten Warrior
Things are finally happening . . . 

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