Monday, April 24, 2017

And the Winners Are . . .

Because I had so many leave comments in the cover reveal giveaway, I decided to give away two sets of all three books. 

Many people posted on my blog and/or Facebook so that increased their chances.

And the lucky winners are . . . 

Jan Gammell and Camille Anthony Protti. 

Congratulations!!! I'll be in touch with you for your addresses.

Stay tuned for the release date. 


Friday, April 21, 2017


This blog post has been years, yes I mean YEARS, in the making and I'm celebrating!

When I sold my first novel, The Forgotten Warrior, the book ended with a cliffhanger. My publisher and I honestly thought the sequel would follow, but then the book market tanked and although The Forgotten Warrior had respectable sell numbers there were worries that the sequel wouldn't sell as well. But my publisher really wanted to publish the sequel so they had me rewrite it. And then, I waited. And waited. And waited some more. (I'm talking years here.)

There was even talk about them just releasing the ebook version of the sequel, so that ignited fresh hope. I did another rewrite and then waited. And waited. And waited some more. (A couple more years.)

Because the decision had stalled, my publisher decided I'd waited long enough and returned the rights of the book to me so I could do what I wanted with it. Happy day!!! With epublishing taking off, I could offer the sequel to my readers not only as an ebook, but also print-on-demand, so those who wanted an actual book could have one.

 But then I starting thinking, wouldn't it be great if I could also offer The Forgotten Warrior at a discount? I got in touch with my publisher. After many discussions, they returned the non-exclusive rights of The Forgotten Warrior and The Stone Traveler to me, but I needed to change the titles and covers, plus not sell my versions of the books in certain stores.

I will put all of my time-travel books in a series called: 
Time Stone Chronicles.

Volume One is Reluctant Warrior (Previously published as The Forgotten Warrior)

Volume Two is Stripling Warrior (Sequel to Reluctant Warrior)

Volumes three and four will soon follow.

Today is the cover reveal for both books. Drum roll please . . .

Reluctant Warrior
 (previously published as The Forgotten Warrior)

Stripling Warrior
 (sequel to Reluctant Warrior

The official release day is on the horizon. Really. I'm serious. It's going to happen and very, very soon!

So stay tuned. I'll post a link when the books are available for purchase. 

But wait . . . that's not all.

As I was waiting and waiting for decisions to be made I wrote a little booklet (43 pages) titled: Ten Stripling Warrior Character Traits to Apply to Your Life. It's told from the point-of-view of Sydney Morgan, one of the main characters in both Reluctant Warrior and Stripling Warrior. It's a fun little booklet that talks about some of the character traits I believe the stripling warriors had. For a limited time, the ebook version of this little booklet will be free. Yes. FREE! I'll provide a link for it as soon as it's available.

Below is the front and back cover of the booklet.

If you want to be put in a drawing to win a copy of all three books (actual books you can hold in your hands), please leave a comment. I'm also announcing the cover reveals on Facebook so hop over there and leave a comment. It will double your chances.

I'll be collecting names from now until midnight on Sunday, April 23rd. Good luck!!!


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Release Day for Under a New York Skyline
It's release day for Under A New York Skyline!!! 
 There are four stories in this YA anthology. 
Here are promotion blurbs for each of the stories. 
"Peterson's New York Holiday takes readers on an enjoyable adventure through New York city, the perfect blend of young love, humor, and suspense." 
 --A.L. Sowards, award-winning author of The Spider The Sparrow, Covenant Books. 
"From laugh-out-loud humor to heart-wrenching drama, Nikki Trionfo's intense, crisp style works its magic."
 --Kathleen Dougherty, author of Moth to the Flame, Penguin Adult 
"Ms. Mill's decriptive storytelling makes everything from the smallest gadget . . . come to life before the readers eyes." 
--Ameliz Kitch, InD'Tale Magazine

Teresa Richards is a brilliant new voice, and a name that I am certain everyone will know soon enough." 
--Roberto Calas, Author of The Scrouge Series, 47 North 
It was such fun writing another young adult story.
I hope you'll give the anthology a try.
And stay tuned. In the next week or so I have some very VERY exciting news coming about the sequel to The Forgotten Warrior
Things are finally happening . . . 


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