Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cover Reveal - Under a New York Skyline

Today is the cover reveal of a 
new romantic, young-adult anthology 
that I have a story in. 
Of course, my story has suspense in it too. 

My story is titled New York Holiday. Here's a little about the story...

Glorianna Templeton, the daughter of England's prime minister, has a secret. She created a fake profile on Facebook and friended her rock star crush. He messaged her to meet him after his concert in Madison Square Gardens. Convincing her father to take her to New York when he addresses the UN, her plans appear ruined when she comes down with a fever. Determined, she puts on a disguise, slips away from her father's secret service, and goes anyway. But Logan O'Brian, a security guard at the Gardens, blocks her path. And when he tells her the rock star wouldn't have messaged her and she could have been catfished by the Facebook stalker, she knows her troubles are only beginning.

I had so much fun writing this story. I hope you have fun reading it.  You can pre-order the ebook here.

Have you visited New York? I attended a writers conference there many years ago and had a wonderful time. When I wasn't in meetings, I toured some of the city. I referred to some of the places I visited in New York Holiday. Writing about it made me want to go back.


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