Thursday, October 22, 2015

Star Struck

Here's the cover for my new novel due to hit stores in February 2016. 
Isn't it gorgeous?

Here's what the story is about.

Mercedes Grant is known to the world as Stormy Ryan, action hero. Her movie-star status has led to some unpleasant interactions in the past, and even a few stalkers, but none has ever come close enough to her to seem dangerous—until now. When she receives a death threat on her personal cell phone, she is understandably shaken. Seizing the opportunity to take some time away from the limelight while the police investigate the phone call, Mercedes escapes to her remote cabin near Idaho’s Snake River. She knows it is the perfect place to lie low, but she doesn’t realize how low she’ll actually feel once she arrives. After days of suffering from a cold she just can’t shake, Mercedes visits the town physician, Luke Parker. The handsome doctor, a fan of the stunning celebrity, performs the necessary tests and is devastated at the unexpected diagnosis he must give her. Mercedes is sick—really sick. He knows she can handle crazy fans, but the news he has to give is another story. As Mercedes struggles to come to terms with her new future, she relies on Luke’s support. But neither imagines the disease is the only danger Mercedes is facing—because just out of view, someone is watching her and is determined to make good on their threat.

This novel was pure magic to write. 
The characters seemed to write the story for me. 
All I had to do was sit in my chair and turn on the computer. 

Well, not really, but I certainly enjoyed myself working on it.



  1. Congrats, Kathi! The story sounds great.

    1. Thanks! I think it's a good story. I hope my readers do as well.

  2. I love it when a story comes together. That's a beautiful cover. :)

    1. Thanks! Writing this story was a great adventure.

  3. Wow, what an attractive cover !
    All the best :)

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad the cover earned a "wow." :)



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