Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Luther and Katharina by Jody Hedlund - Book Review

Good, clean-read books are sometimes hard to come by. Good, clean-read, historical books are even more difficult to find. But good, clean-read, historical, romance books that teach and keep you turning the pages are nearly impossible to put your hands on. However, I found an author who has done this time and time again. Jody Hedlund’s novels never disappoint.

When I was asked by her publicist if I would read her latest book Luther and Katharina and review it, I was more than happy to do so because I knew I was in for not only a little romance, but a true learning experience about people in history who did so very much for Christianity.

Martin Luther was a man of great courage and sacrifice. He was persecuted for what he believed, but that didn’t stop him from doing what he felt God had called him to do: condemn cloistered life and promote the goodness of marriage. In the sixteenth century, his writings helped to awaken many and brought sweeping reformation to the Catholic church. Many people have heard of this noble man and all that he did to help Christians, but they haven’t heard about the woman he fell in love with and married. Their love was tested in many ways before and even after they were man and wife.

Who was the woman behind this great man? Her name was Katharina von Bora. She was the daughter of a noble knight so burdened with debt that he placed her in a convent. Katharina became a a nun, but upon reading Martin’s writings promoting the goodness of marriage she wanted something more. Katharina and a few of the other nuns in the Abby decided to escape the convent.

As Luther and Katharina’s story begins the reader feels Katharine’s fears as she and her friends flee. When they finally reach safety behind the walls of the Black Cloister where Martin Luther lives, they are awakened to the reality of their plight: excommunication and persecution. However if they found themselves husbands or homes of employ they would be spared. Luther promises to help them. Of course, being a titled woman, Katharina doesn’t realize the difficult situation she and the other women have put Luther in and begins making demands for their needs. This doesn’t set well with him, and so the sparks of their romance are kindled.

Luther and Katharina is a wonderful, suspenseful, romantic journey of learning what bravery was like for people devoted to what they believed. With all the turmoil in our modern times, it’s a story well worth reading.

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I was given a ARC of this book to review, but I reviewed it because I loved the novel.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Star Struck

Here's the cover for my new novel due to hit stores in February 2016. 
Isn't it gorgeous?

Here's what the story is about.

Mercedes Grant is known to the world as Stormy Ryan, action hero. Her movie-star status has led to some unpleasant interactions in the past, and even a few stalkers, but none has ever come close enough to her to seem dangerous—until now. When she receives a death threat on her personal cell phone, she is understandably shaken. Seizing the opportunity to take some time away from the limelight while the police investigate the phone call, Mercedes escapes to her remote cabin near Idaho’s Snake River. She knows it is the perfect place to lie low, but she doesn’t realize how low she’ll actually feel once she arrives. After days of suffering from a cold she just can’t shake, Mercedes visits the town physician, Luke Parker. The handsome doctor, a fan of the stunning celebrity, performs the necessary tests and is devastated at the unexpected diagnosis he must give her. Mercedes is sick—really sick. He knows she can handle crazy fans, but the news he has to give is another story. As Mercedes struggles to come to terms with her new future, she relies on Luke’s support. But neither imagines the disease is the only danger Mercedes is facing—because just out of view, someone is watching her and is determined to make good on their threat.

This novel was pure magic to write. 
The characters seemed to write the story for me. 
All I had to do was sit in my chair and turn on the computer. 

Well, not really, but I certainly enjoyed myself working on it.



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