Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ashamed and Very Sorry!

I'm ashamed and so very sorry. 

Let me explain what happened. 

Last week I had a bone grafting procedure to two different sections of my jaw. So last week was a blur, but I do remember receiving an email from a librarian who emailed me for one of her patrons who wanted to know when the sequel to The Forgotten Warrior would be released. 

I was on a great deal of pain meds, but I thought I had starred the email so I could answer it this week when I could think clearly. (I always, always, always star email from my readers.)

Well . . . I can't find the librarian's email.

I've looked in the trash file . . . nope.

I've looked in the spam file . . . nope.

I guess I could use the excuse that the dog ate it, but I don't think anyone would believe that. Nope, I don't even believe that one.

What I think happened was, in my hazy-minded state I must have click delete instead of star. And because it's been over a week the email is now lost forever.

I'm soooooo ashamed and even more sorry.

Here's the answer I planned to send her. The sequel has been written. My publisher has it. Please hang in there. I haven't given up hope on my publisher, but just in case, I'm also working on a way to offer the book to my readers. 

Thank you so much for your patience. I promise you, once you read the sequel you will not be disappointed.

All my best  . . .

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What to do with Old Greeting Cards?

Between snowstorms, being sick, and working on a book deadline, I’m afraid I have neglected my blog, which is unforgivable. But during that time I also cleaned out my office. What fun! (Not really, but it needed to be done.) In the process, I found a sack of old greeting cards Hubby and I have received over the years.

  I’ve been filling the sack for quite some time. I finally decided I needed to either throw out the cards or organize them in some way. I decided to organize them. 

As I went through the piles and piles of cards, I found some from my parents. They passed away several years ago, so finding those cards took me back to happier times. I loved seeing my parents’ handwriting. I miss them terribly. 

I also found cards from my children and grandchildren, cards from cherished friends, and even a couple of cards I had made for my mother when I was a child. 
They must have come back to me after Mom and Dad died. I had completely forgotten about them. I’m so glad I didn’t throw the sack of greeting cards away. These cards are reminders of a past filled with love. 
Now my cards have a new home. The sack is gone, but the cards now reside in pretty boxes. 

 Anytime I’m feeling blue all I have to do is open a box and feel the love. 

So I’m curious, what do you do with cards you receive? Please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t seem to part with them.



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