Thursday, September 11, 2014

Learning to Ride for Research

Research for a novel can be a bit overwhelming at times. For example, take the research I did for Deceived.
I had ridden a horse several times in my life, but it always, and I mean always, scared me to death. So when the idea for Deceived struck I knew I had to conquer this fear once and for all.
I called my sister, who is an expert when it comes to all things horses or cattle. She told me to stop by and she'd give me a lesson. Here we are below. Yes, it was winter. And it was soooo cold, but I needed to learn. We saddled up the horses. Jo got on her horse, and then I tried to get on mine. As you can see I needed help.

A lot of help.

I was so embarrassed.

 I finally got on. 


Now what? 

We rode around my sister's place, but I wanted more. I wanted to go on an actual cattle drive. My sister has connections and she set it up so we could help with the round up and cattle drive for some friends of hers, but it wouldn't take place until spring.

What would I do in the mean time? 
I practiced getting on and off a horse, which wasn't easy since I didn't have a horse to practice on. Instead I set up my own version using chairs and stools, and I practiced . . .
 and practiced . . . 
and practiced some more. 
I also exercised so my leg muscles would support me better.

Have you ever been so involved with research that you've done things that scare you? How did you overcome your fear?

Next week I'll tell you about the round up and cattle drive. 
Saddle up!




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