Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Simple Things by Lori Nawyn - Book Review

I usually write reviews for fictional novels, however, every once in a while I do enjoy good nonfiction, especially nonfiction that inspires and uplifts me. 

And so it is with Lori Nawyn’s new book, Simple Things

She sent me an ecopy of her book last October. Simple Things gives inspiring thoughts and ideas to take you through the year. Each month is set up with a theme and ideas to help you become more aware of the person you want to become socially and spiritually. Each day there is either a quote or a poem or a story that inspires you to reach your full potential. Plus, at the end of each month there are fun recipes. 

In the middle of reading this book a member of my family went through a crisis. I soon found myself at Primary Children’s Hospital holding a premature baby girl who had been diagnosed with two holes in her heart. As I rocked this little one not knowing if she would live or die my thoughts would return to some of the inspiring quotes and messages in this book. It helped a great deal. (The baby girl had open heart surgery and came through it amazingly well.) 

This book spoke to me in so many ways. I’d find myself looking for a pencil and paper so I could jot down something that I wanted to remember. You might find them interesting as well:
  • Spend as much time on your inner-self as you do your appearance. 
  • Write a “Mindful of Me” (MOM) journal in which you record moments when God demonstrates love for you. 
  • Develop situational awareness. Learn to recognize, comprehend, predict the outcome, and act. 
  • Know the best gifts: faith, hope, charity, teaching, healing, or being healed, knowledge, testimony, listening, forgiving, caring, calm, restorative communication, insightfulness, art of listening, loyalty. 
  •  Prayer: pray for knowledge of how to cope with your troubles and to know how to efficiently think through the steps you need to take, pray to know the questions you should ask in order to find the answers you’re seeking, pray for peace of mind to accept the answers. Pray--if it be Thy will. 
  • The more we apply our thoughts to any correct purpose, the quicker we benefit from an increase of knowledge and truth. 
  • God views perfection differently than we do. 
  • If you don’t find yourself, you’ll always wonder who you are. 
  • Know the price you’re willing to pay for your dreams. 
  • Make a spiritual basket list: attend temple more, work on family history, read writings of General Authorities, memorize scripture.
  • Create a friend book: keep track of important friend facts (favorite food, color, perfume, flowers, books, music, & etc.), list important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, dates of loss, etc), buy a selection of cards (birthday, get well, thinking of you, and sympathy) and put them in the book, and designate time for phone calls to check on those you don’t see often. 
  • Give the benefit of a doubt as a gift. 
  • If we cower in fear of what might happen, if we never attempt anything of significance, at the end of our existence, we will have failed. 
  •  Memories of past failures holds us back from being all we are destined to become. 
  • Thoughts power our behavior and ultimately our circumstances. 
  •  Modesty is more than what we wear. Modesty is purity in thought and action. 
  • We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit – Aristotle. 
  • Focus on three things that matter: something that matters to God, something that matters to you, something that matters to human kind.   

And those are just a few. I am so grateful that Lori asked me to review her book. It was an amazing journey at a time when I really needed it. 

The hard copy of her book is now in stores (Deseret Book and Seagull Book). You can also buy it on Amazon. I’m going to buy several to give to friends and family. I think if you read it you will as well. This a great book to start the new year with. So don’t wait.

 Lori has a Simple Things website. She not only wrote this book, but is the author of several and she is an amazing artist. She has free printables on her website.

Was there something in the list of simple things I found interesting in the book that spoke to you?



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