Thursday, December 12, 2013

Saving Our Christmas Tree Angel

I love the lights of Christmas, especially those on a Christmas tree. After a week of working on it, our Christmas tree is finally decorated, which was no small feat especially since the angel on top was nearly decapitated. 

Let me explain . . .

The day after Thanksgiving our tree goes up and is decorated. Well, this year it seems everyone in the house was suffering with bad backs and no one was willing to climb up the ladder to decorate the top of our fifteen-foot tree. We thought, no big deal. We can work on it a little each day.

But after several days of staring at a bare tree, I came up with a plan to make decorating the top easier and save our bad backs. See, we have a balcony overlooking the living room, and I thought, why not slide the tree over to the balcony, decorate the top, and then slide it back? 

This was good in concept, but in actually doing it, not so much.

I was right that decorating the top of the tree was much easier from the balcony, but what I forgot about was . . . the ceiling fan. 

As Hubby started sliding the tree across the room to its place in the front window, the angel hit the fan. If it had been turned on our pretty angel, who has looked down on our Christmases for decades, would have been decapitated. But fortunately for us it wasn't on and she was merely knocked backward, barely hanging on to the tree's top branches.

With careful calculations, Hubby was able to maneuver the tree away from the fan. 

So, what did we do to save our angel from falling off our very tall tree? 

We hauled out our trusty ladder. And despite my fear of heights and my bad back, I crawled up to help her stand upright. 

She now looks down on us in all her glory.

And the morale of this story is . . . even if you find a safer way to decorate the tree top beware of the ceiling fan and . . . always keep a ladder handy.

I hope you are able to enjoy the lights of Christmas and that an angel looks down on you.

What adventures have you had in decorating for the holidays?


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