Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Good Review and Apple Pie . . .

I had an unexpected message on Facebook. Sheila Staley, a book reviewer,  reviewed my book, Wanted, and liked it. 

She five-star liked it!!!

That is all sorts of awesome. Here's the review on her blog.
Thanks ever so much, Sheila.

So now with that important and joyful announcement, I'll move on to apple pie.

There in the corner of my backyard is a huge apple tree and this year it is loaded. Oh my stars! This tree only produced a few apples last year. It's made up for it. We have apples and apples and more apples.

Hubby and I have been collecting recipes and racking our brains over what we're going to do with all the apples. 

 In our search we found a recipe for apple pie in a jar. I got it from Our Best Bites cookbook, but you can also find their recipes on their blog Our Best Bites. 

I was a little skeptical, this would work, but decided to try it out. I didn't want to make pie crust, so Hubby bought pie crust dough. And did we have fun.

 Look what we did! You can't tell from the picture, but I cut out little dough leaves and put on the top of each one.

We cooked a jar up and talk about good. (It was almost as good as my five-star review, but nothing tops that.)  

And the best thing is . . . we have eleven more jars of apple pie in the freezer ready to cook when we want them. You really need to try this recipe. 

Have you found a recipe that surprised you and tasted better than you ever dreamed it would? 


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