Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reduced Price on Wanted and Magical Moments

Do I have a deal for you!!! 

For a limited time my publisher is offering the ebook version of Wanted at a reduced price. Check it out here.

This week has flown by and already it's Thursday. Last weekend was so busy with the LDStorymakers Conference on Friday, my book signing on Saturday, and Mother's Day on Sunday. What a wonderful time.

The LDStorymakers Conference was so much fun. I love seeing friends I haven't for a while and catching up with them. This year I even sat in on some lectures. And a very dear friend of mine, Nikki Trionfo, won the Grand Prize for her first chapter. You rock, Nikki!

My signing was magical. Really. Here I am in the picture below. Do you notice the "Wanted" poster at the side there? Everyone seemed to enjoy having their pictures taken in it.

I was signing with my friend Gale Sears. 

So you're probably wondering what was magical. I can give you two magical moments (though seeing my friends coming to support me is magic in and of itself. They will never know how truly grateful I am to see them.).

1) Someone asked Gale what book she was working on next. She writes historical fiction that has a true story as the basis. She told them she was researching a story about some people in Northern Italy whom Lorenzo R. Snow helped to convert to the Church. A chill flashed over my skin. You see, those people are part of my family history. My great, great, great, great grandparents were among the people converted. I told this to Gale. She was excited to know that I have a book that has much of the research she will need. I'm so happy that I can help her tell this inspiring story.

2) I tend to worry and fret over my signings. I'm always concerned that no one will come. Friday night I had a dream that my brother and his wife, who live in Idaho, came and not only that but they brought Mom and Dad with them. Because my brother lives so far away and my parents have been dead for many years this seemed impossible. The next morning I thought of the dream and it made me feel as though everything would work out. So I went to the signing and was there a couple of hours when out of the corner of my eye I saw my brother and his wife. I could hardly believe my eyes. When my brother gave me a hug I couldn't help but tear up. I told him that I dreamed he came and brought Mom and Dad. He said, "Well, they're probably with me."

See . . . magical.

And Mother's Day. Oh my stars. I won't go into details, but my family rocks!!! I love receiving heartfelt thank yous for doing something I love, being a mother.

I truly feel incredibly grateful.

How was your week?
Did you have some magical moments?


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