Thursday, April 4, 2013

Who Is Branson Faulkner?

By Las Vegas Motor Speedway . . .  via Wikimedia Commons

I told you Tuesday that today I would answer one of the questions I posted about a main character in my new book, Wanted.

So let me answer the first one: Who is Branson Faulkner?

To know a character you have to do more than describe how they look. You need to put into words how they are inside and out.

Branson Faulkner loved his parents. His father was a famous race car driver. His mother was devoted to her husband and to her son. When Branson was still a child his father tragically died. But the legend of his father's driving abilities lived on in his son. Branson loved racing cars. He loved the smell of gasoline and grease, loved the sound of squealing tires fishtailing around a bend, and loved the thrill of sitting behind the wheel of a car as it careened down the race track.

How did he end up in Swan Valley, Idaho where the book takes place?

Years after Branson's father passed away, his mother met a rancher from Idaho, fell in love, and got married. Because Branson was only a teenager by the time she met this guy, he had to go with her. Little did Branson know that it would be there that he'd find the woman of his dreams, but also the man of his nightmares.

So what did Branson Faulkner do to end up in prison?

I'll share a little more with you next Tuesday. :)


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  1. Beautiful story...can't wait to read more.





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