Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Speaking at North Sevier High!

Every once in a while an author gives a lecture and comes away wondering if they've helped anyone or if the experience was worth the time and trouble sacrificed to do it. I know there have been many times when I've gone to an event and afterward thought my time would have been better spent writing.

 And then something totally unexpected happens.

Last Friday I was the guest speaker at North Sevier High.  
What a wonderful experience!!!

Sadly the picture above only shows half of the students who attended. And I neglected to get a picture of Carol Lee Johnson, who coordinated my visit there. She was a pleasure to work with and very organized. She had the white board and Blu-Ray player all ready when I arrived. She'll never know how very much I appreciated it.

In the picture above, I'm in the middle and standing next to Kaili, who is a budding writer with several stories under her belt. We have exchanged emails several times. I was very impressed by all the students. They knew the basics of storytelling. We discussed plot, characterization, and even watched the opening scene of The Hunger Games (which does a great job of showing the set up of a story.)

We talked, we ate pizza, drank soda pop, and munched on awesome desserts.

And then they presented me with this . . .

See that amazing card. It says: "She believed she could . . . so she did." And they all signed it. I was so very touched.

What was inside that amazing package . . .

A Tupperware bowl w/lid; ball point pens (black, blue and red); a cute pad for Post-it notes (soooo adorable it has a permanent spot on my kitchen counter); a cute, cute, cute notepad with an old fashioned typewriter drawn on it (handmade and one-of-a-kind); a very elegant necklace with a daisy (I'm so wearing this everywhere); pretzels (a writer's go-to snack); Twizzlers (fresh and so yummie); and a Tupperware water bottle (sweet!!!). As I unwrapped the present and saw what thoughtful, tender care went into making this present for me, I became tear-eyed. This was an extremely, wonderful experience, one I shall always cherish.

Thank you Carol Lee and Kaili for inviting me.



  1. How kind of you to pay it forward like that.

    And even at events where you don't get so much positive feedback, I guess you can never tell how much you've touched someone.

  2. Cool post !


  3. Sounds like it was a great experience that you were perfect for :)



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