Thursday, March 14, 2013

How Many Calories Does Writing Burn?

I don't know about you, but I have an awful time passing up dessert. Cake, pie, cookies, they all have my number, so I avoid their calls whenever possible especially while I'm writing. Without thinking I can down an entire cake while I'm working on a book.

As long as I stay busy in my office writing, I'm usually pretty good. But then I'll come across a plot point that isn't working, or a character that doesn't do what I want him/her to do. When this happens, I start fidgeting and will find any excuse to get up from my desk and look for chocolate.

Yes, chocolate is my favorite mode of diet sabotage. Fruit helps to get me off the scent of fudgy goodness, but when I'm really stumped only chocolate will do. I truly believe chocolate makes me think more clearly.

To overcome this problem I allow myself a few chocolate chips every once in a while. And if I keep writing after I eat, I figure I'm burning those little bites of calories. The site FindTheData has this wonderful information about calories burned while writing.

For one hour of writing a person weighing:
100 pounds burns 72 calories,
125 pounds burns 89 calories,
150 pounds burns 107 calories,
175 pounds burns 125 calories,
200 pounds burns  143 calories,
225 pounds burns 161 calories, and
250 pounds burns 179 calories.

Please remember you can't eat and write at the same time to burn that many calories, so don't load up on a bowl of chocolate chips, or potato chips, or whatever is your go-to food. I just thought you might like to know how many calories writing burns.

What helps you stay on track with your diet while writing? What's your favorite go-to comfort food? Do you believe chocolate helps you write?



  1. This is funny! Just the other day I was eating Goobers (chocolate covered fave!) and my husband said, "I didn't know we had Goobers." I told him I needed them to write and if he wanted me to achieve my dream, he wouldn't ask to have any. LoL! He kind of rolled his eyes but he didn't bother me about them again. Victory!! :)

    Nice to know writing burns calories. But I probably shouldn't be eating Goobers while writing, haha!!

  2. There is just something about chocolate, isn't there?



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