Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gratitude Helps

By Jerry Segraves, via Wikimedia Commons
The other night I went to a concert given by the Swanee River Singers. My neighbor, of over 30 years, is a member of that group. Hubby and I wanted to support him. They sang some old classics like, Cindy, Give My Regards to Broadway, and What a Wonderful World.

As I listened I realized it really is a wonderful world we live in. For instance, breathtaking sunsets not only make me grateful to be alive, but remind me of God's hand in our world. Sunsets make me stop and think about how much I'm truly grateful for, though the last little while it has been hard at times.

Over a month ago my husband was laid off work. He'd worked for the same company for over 31 years, so this really came as a shock. It's easy during stressful times to think of all that you don't have. Once you start down that path negativity can really get hold of you and pretty soon you're in a good depression that is hard to get over. So we've tried to look at the good side of this new situation in our lives.

Sometimes things happen for a reason. Being laid off made Hubby reassess, and he decided that now would be a good time to retire. Yikes! We knew this was coming someday, we just didn't expect it now. However, trusting in the power of prayer and putting faith in the Lord, Hubby took this giant step. Retiring seems to be what he's supposed to do.

Just to be clear, I'm not retiring. Writing books has been part of my life. I very much doubt I will ever retire from it. So, though I'm still working, Hubby will be home and able to do more to help me. Yeah! I'm very grateful for that!

There's a saying that I quite like. The more you see the good, the more good you see. Isn't that so true? I know there are times to feel blue. Believe me, I've visited that place more than I like. And it can become hard to stay away from it. But I truly believe that gratitude  helps you rebound from unpleasant situations.

I'm curious how others deal when difficulty comes into their lives.

What do you do to help you rebound from bad times? Does gratitude help? Does it make you look at your world differently? Do beautiful sunsets make you grateful?

I thought you might like to listen to Louis Armstrong sing What a Wonderful World.



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