Tuesday, March 5, 2013

3 Helpful Tips to Help Organize Your Time

By Ken Marshall from Wikimedia Commons

Last week I missed posting on my blog a couple of times. I was busy trying to get edits to my editor since the release of my book, Wanted, has been bumped up to May. So I just didn’t have time to write my blog and also be with my family. I realized that I NEED TO GET MY DUCKS IN A ROW!

So, I asked in my last posting what others do to organize their time.

Miska said when life gets too busy she just posts on her blog that she has to take a break. I should have done that and if it happens again I will. Thanks, Miska.

Lexa gave some sage advice, "Don't sweat the small stuff." And she's right. The world won't end if I'm late. I think working all those years for an accountant conditioned me to stress over missing a deadline. Lexa was very thoughtful and reminded me to take time for me. Thanks, Lexa.

MK brought up preposting blogs. Once upon a time I did that, and I've got to do it again if I'm going survive the spring. Thanks for the reminder, MK.

Carol, like me, does her best writing in the mornings and does blog business in the afternoon. My problem is my mornings are growing smaller and smaller. Thanks for commiserating with me, Carol.

Laura shared that she writes everything down and it works for her. I used to do this, and I think I'd better go back to it. Thanks, Laura.

As I've thought about this I realized that writing down what you plan to do helps in many ways: you think about it, you make time for it, and you become committed.

You think about it . . .
Seriously, thinking over what you need to accomplish for the week helps a great deal. What a person has to remember is to be flexible with time. This week I have company coming, a hair appointment, an appointment with my dentist, and my writers group. I'm going to try to write what I can, but I'm going to take Lexa's advice and not sweat the small stuff. AND I have already done as MK suggested and preposted my blog this week. Sweet!

You make time for it . . .
Making time to write this week is going to be tricky, but it can be done. I'm going to get up early and write every morning. Since my most productive time is morning, I'm going to rise and shine early each day and write an hour before the house stirs.

 Become committed . . .
I very much want to do this. By telling my family I become more committed, and I’m hopeful the odds increase that I’ll become successful. Commitment is a big deal. It means I’ll do everything in my power to do what I’ve said.

I'm going to be tested this week. I have to remember to be flexible, productive and not worry over the small stuff so I can enjoy being with the people I love.

Thanks to every one for the great advice.



  1. I was reading something yesterday about organizing time as if you were a zen monk. It was interesting because it said to choose a time to do something and then do it and only it for that time. No multitasking. And do it slowly and deliberately with purpose.

    I sometimes think when I try to do more than one thing at a time I end up doing both badly, and then it just ends up taking longer. I'm going to try to concentrate on doing one thing at a time for awhile and see how that works out. :)

    1. L.G.,
      I have heard multitasking isn't a good idea. This confirms it. I think I'll follow your lead and do one thing at a time for a while. Thanks!

  2. I'm ridiculously delighted to see you mentioned me on your blog, and were so gracious about it (and about everyone else, too). Thanks for your tips - I'm a big list-maker, too. Good luck on your edits and your upcoming release! :-)

    1. Lexa,
      I truly appreciated your comments. They helped a great deal.

      And thanks for stopping by again and for your well wishes.



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