Thursday, October 11, 2012

Patricia Stevenson is a mystery author. Recently her agent contacted me about posting a review of her new novel, but when Patricia emailed she asked for an interview. 

I sent her a few questions and below is her response.  

My name is Patricia G. Stevenson and I’m the author of the Professor Del Channing Murder Mystery series. I have three of the series published. The first one, The Dilapidated Man, takes place in San Francisco, California.

The second, The Jezebel Bride in Dallas, Texas.

And the third, The Shamrock Conspiracy in Toronto, Canada.

I will have the fourth in the series, which takes place at a ski-resort north of Vancouver, Canada, out after the first of the year. As this is a series, each book must stand alone and yet the characters must be described in a way that someone starting anywhere within the series will fully know and understand the lead characters who moves from book to book without boring the person who has read the series from the beginning.

As for my personal presence; when I find a new series author that I enjoy, I make sure I get a list of those books which allows me to purchase the books from the first and read the series in written order.

As a hobby, I’ve written all my life. When I began this series I decided that this was the time to share my work. I like to think I can bring a bit of pleasure to my readers by allowing them to escape their stress related worlds for a few hours. I have not given up my day job and work for a premier restaurant. I write on my lunch hour while enjoying delicious food. The beginning writer must come to terms with the fact that no book is for everyone. If someone dislikes your work, chances are several others will love it. My books are marketed through Mystery Books.

As of this time stores in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah carry the series. I also have a web site where they can be ordered.

Thanks, Patricia. Your books sound very intriguing. 


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