Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Date with Captain Hook

My thoughts and prayer are with the victims of Hurricane Sandy today. I wish them a speedy recovery. I lived through the Teton Dam disaster, so I understand what they are going through, yet every event has it's own challenges. God bless them.

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I have a date with Captain Hook.

I'm so thrilled he said yes. How did I score such a wonderful time?

It wasn't easy.  First I took him out yesterday to Gardner's Mill and bought him a sugar cookie slathered with icing.

Next we happened upon a green witch (they are the worst kind).
I convinced her to put a spell on him.

He almost got away, but alas, I think the spell took because look at him now.

Isn't he the cutest?

We're going to the Canyon Creek Care Center tomorrow at 1:00 to Trick or Treat.

I wish you all a very safe and Happy Halloween.

Who do you have a date with for Halloween?


  1. If the original Captain Hook looked as cute as that then he might've defeated Peter Pan!

    I have a Halloween date with my godson. He's going to be a lion!

  2. I have a date with two ninjas (one black and one green.) Oh, and a police officer and a mermaid. It should prove to be an interesting evening. Happy Halloween.

  3. How adorable! He is bound to attract a lot of attention! Happy Halloween.

  4. He is the cutest Captain Hook I've ever seen!



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