Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What My Yorkie Taught Me . . .

As I tried to think what I'd blog about today, I couldn't help but think of my Yorkie, Lizzie.

Why, you may ask?

Well, let me tell you what she's been through.

Lizzie came down with a back case of ringworm in the spring of 2010. Once a week for six weeks she had to be lime-dipped, and she had to take this horrible medicine. We were so glad when that was done. We thought she was healed.

But about two weeks after the vet said she was fine, I found a couple of more spots, so I took her to a different vet. He ran some tests. They came back positive for ringworm, so we started again with the lime-dips, but this time she was shaved and had a different medication. The dips went on for 8 long weeks. By October she seemed to be home free. Her fur grew back. And she was looking like her old self again.

However, in January my groomer found a little spot on her back paw. Off we went to the veterinarian. Again more tests found she had ringworm. We started treating it with a topical ointment. During this time we decided to have Lizzie's teeth cleaned. She had a back infection, so bad that her throat was swollen. By the time she healed from her teeth, the ringworm had spread.

Once again, the poor little thing had to be shaved and lime-dipped, but this time every five days. Plus, she was on an even stronger medication. About a month into this, she developed a skin irritation and the fur on her ears started falling out. The vet thought the lime-dips were too much for her, so he stopped doing them. He tested her for ringworm, and she was fine. That was the beginning of June.

And for three months we've been ringworm free!!!

I believe the infection in her teeth dropped her immunities and that's why the ringworm kept coming back.

Lizzie's bout with ringworm taught me several lessons: don't bite when someone is trying to help you, spitting out your pill doesn't mean you don't have to take it, and never give up.

I took some pictures of her this morning. She's a little camera shy, but she was a sport about it. I had to hold her in one place.

Lizzie look at the camera . . .
Not over there . . .
Okay, you've been through enough. That will do!



  1. Poor baby. She was so good about all of it, though. And I loved your takeaway from the experience: "Don't bite when someone is trying to help you, spitting out your pill doesn't mean you don't have to take it, and never give up."

    Very clever! :)

    1. I'm so relieved she's doing better. I'll tell you it was a very trying experience for everyone. :)



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