Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Elephant (Refrigerator) in the Room

Last week I told you about our dilemma with the new fridge that wouldn't fit in our kitchen space so we had to buy a different one that cost more.

Well, it arrived Saturday as promised, but guess what?

You're not going to believe it.

This fridge didn't fit either.

This time it was too tall. We had given the salesman at the store the measurements we needed and he assured us that this one would fit, that it wouldn't be too tall and that the manufacturer measured the height from the doors and not the back.

 Here's a tip: always check yourself and don't take the word of someone else.

Since we didn't want to refuse yet another fridge, Hubby said he'd saw off the bottom of the cupboard so it would fit. Neither one of us thought it would be a big deal.

 Oh brother, were we wrong. It took two saws (skill and jig) a file, and a few under-your-breath cuss words, but after four hours we were able to push our elephant of a refrigerator into it's spot.

HOWEVER, it sticks out about three inches. Who didn't measure for depth? Good grief.

So, what ever you do if you're buying a refrigerator measure depth, width, and height or you might have an elephant in your kitchen like I do.

BUT it's my elephant and it's so shiny and pretty and gives cubed or crushed ice and has a ton of room.

I'm very grateful to have it. Have you made a major purchase that became a trying experience, yet you were very grateful in the end when the dust settled that you had it? Please share. I'd like to think I'm not the only graduate of the school of hard knocks (and cliches ;))

Please stop by Thursday. I will have a review of Merrill Osmond's new book, Faith, Hope and Gravity.



  1. Phew, what patience you have! Your new fridge does look so pretty, though! You should call it Ellie :)

  2. It's gorgeous! Just saying. We had the same problem when we got our fridge. It was much too talk for the space provided. We ended up taking off about 2 inches of decorative board (so glad it was just decorative and not the shelves themselves). Congrats on the new fridge!

    1. Thanks! I'm still getting use to it. But I love, love, love the ice in the door. :)



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