Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Times Goes By, So Make Time to Write.

I can hardly believe that this handsome, young man is my oldest grandson. Where did the time go? It was only yesterday that he was a little baby. Saturday we attended his first Pee-wee Football game. I have to tell you, it was difficult to see him out there giving and taking tackles. I know he'll have a lot of bumps and bruises as he learns to play, but darn it's hard to be a grandma and watch. 
Saturday evening Hubby and I went to a car show. Hubby is like a kid in a video-game store as he goes from car to car. 
And he knows cars. 
He could tell me what each one was, what engine they had, what year they were made and any and everything else about the cars. I took a couple of pictures.
 If you've read  my An Angel on Main Street novel, you know that I describe a police car just like this one. 
I was thrilled to see it up close and personal.
This truck is so much like a truck my father owned, except Dad's was bright red. For some reason this one looked much smaller to me. Couldn't be that I was looking at it with adult eyes instead of a child's, could it?
This sweet ride won Best in Show. It turned out that the owner is a good friend of Hubby's. 
Time goes by so fast. 
Cars become classics and grandkids grow up.
Is time going by fast for you?
Have you finished writing that novel you've always wanted to write, but you haven't found the time?
Well guess what? You're never going to find the time unless you make it. 
Carve out of your daily schedule time to write.
Make your writing a priority. 
Because before you know it the time will be gone. 


  1. So true. I have found that we make the time for the things that are truly important

    1. I guess as long as we're aware of making the most of every moment it helps to appreciate the little things.

  2. What fun! I love antique cars, and I really enjoyed looking at all your great pictures. And your grandson is so cute! :-)

    1. Thanks, Lexa. I can't believe my grandson is already old enough to play football. He's still a little boy to me. :)



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