Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Homemade Bread, My Grandson, and Writing Novels

 I love making bread with my grandson. He gets all excited when he knows bread making is going to be part of our day together. I let him pour the ingredients into the mixer. Of course, I'm there to keep his hand steady and make sure everything ends up in the mixer and not on the floor, but he thinks he's doing it all.

I have him help me roll out the loaves with the rolling pin and then fold them into the loaf pans. He sets the timer. I turn on the oven light so he can check the progress while the bread bakes.

And, of course, he gets all excited when the bread is finally done, and we rub butter over the crusty, brown tops before turning the bread out on the cooling racks.

But the best thing about making bread with my grandson is watching him eat it warm from the oven with a little current jelly spread on top. Now, some may say he really just likes the jelly. And there's a good argument to be made for that, but he eats every crust and crumb of the bread. So . . . I'm thinking he likes  Grandma's bread. 

Working on a story for a novel is a lot like making bread. There are ingredients that are absolutely essential for good story telling such as: likable characters, an engaging plot line, and the knowledge to stir them all together to make a book.

But it's the joy of having people read your novel and then having them tell you that they liked it that makes all the work worthwhile.

 I love writing stories almost as much as I love spending time with my grandson.

Hmm, I wonder if I spread current jelly on my novels . . . nah, the pages would stick together. :)

What do you enjoy baking? What kind of stories do you enjoy writing?  And here's a good question . . . what kind of jelly would you like spread on your books? I'm just saying . . .



  1. Oh your grandson is so cute!
    I love to bake--and I agree it is a lot like writing. Especially since I had to eliminate gluten from my diet, I've had to do a lot of experimenting and learning how to bake differently. Happens with the stories sometimes too. :)

    1. I think he's cute too!

      That's quite a challenge to learn to bake eliminating gluten from your diet. It seems that more and more people are doing that. Thank heavens there seems to be more choices for people who have to make the switch.



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