Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Travel and the RWA Conference

I love to travel, meet new people, and have adventures. And brother, last week was full of adventures.

Monday, before I left for Anaheim and the RWA conference, Hubby and I took our grandson to Pioneer Village.
He had couple of meltdowns, so I know he had a good time. He rode a horse, touched a pig, hitched rides on two trains, and played in the fire hose. All good times in the eyes of a two-year-old. 
 Tuesday I served a French-toast breakfast to my family on our deck, visited the cemetery where great, great, grandfather Scott is buried, and then went to a pool party at Aunt Carol's. 
Wednesday Elizabeth Lane and I flew to Anaheim for the RWA Conference. Here's Elizabeth holding my book at the Literacy Book Signing. All books were donated by the publishers or authors and purchased by the public.

It was great fun. 
And I had a wonderful surprise. As I was sitting there watching hundreds of people walk by, all of a sudden a beautiful woman stopped and called me by name. I was thrilled to say the least. And wouldn't you know this wonderful angel was a blogging friend and an aspiring author. You should check out Stacy Post's blog,
 A Writer's Point of View
The rest of the week was full of attending workshops and learning more about my craft. One especially helpful workshop was given by Michael Hauge. He taught about his Six Stage Plot Structure, which I found extremely good. My novel writing really took off when I studied screenplay writing. Screenplays are divided up into three acts, which is simple and straight forward. I have always found one part a little lacking and that was understanding Act 2. But I've forged ahead and have done what I think best. 
However, now because of Micahel's class, I know. And I'm thrilled. You might want to check out his website at Story Mastery.
 I'm back to posting regularly, so drop by Thursday. I plan to explain a little more about Act 2 in storytelling.
How has your summer gone? Any adventures you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them.


  1. Studying story structure in fiction and screenplays helped my writing so much, too! I'll definitely look at Michael's site.

    1. I hope you find it helpful. I know that I did. :)

  2. Kathi! It was such a pleasure to meet you in person. I was so excited to see your name on the author list. I'm glad to hear you had a good week at RWA too. I came home exhausted, a little overwhelmed but very happy that I went!



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