Thursday, June 21, 2012

Two Bears and a Blog Tour

See these two cute, cuddly little bears? 
Here's their story.

They were born just two weeks ago (the same time Cold Justice started appearing in stores) at the Build-a-Bear Store. Now this was no coincidence because I wanted to share these bears with my fans. I took them to the book launch where they could meet my friends and family. See there's one perched on top of my books. The other one was too shy and hid in his box the entire time.

The bears are going to be giveaway prizes for Cold Justice's blog tour.

This tour is only five days long. And it's going to be so much fun!!! We're going on a virtual dog sled race in Alaska. We'll see moose, eagles, whales and everything in between and we'll make stops at different blogs to rest and learn a little more about Cold Justice.

At the end of the race anyone who left a comment on ALL the blogs (even if you just said hi) will be entered to win one of these cute and cuddly bears. AND I'll even give you until midnight on July 1st to post those comments. Two winners will be announced on July 3rd.

The tour begins Monday June 25th and ends June 29th. Check my blog each day to see where the dog sled race will take us next. I don't know about you, but snow is sounding pretty good right now.

And in case you're interested, on Goodreads I'm giving away two copies of Cold Justice. The giveaway ends June 30th, so if you want a chance to win the book click here.

I hope to see you next week. Bundle up because we're going to have a wild and woolly time sledding through Alaska. :)



  1. Fun! I'm so glad we can comment through July 1 because I'm not sure what my Internet will be like next week. (Or in 5 minutes. Ugh.)

    1. I hope your Internet works for you. That's always so upsetting to be without.

  2. Hi Kathi, Monday will be a busy day for us but I look forward to seeing what is happening with you on Teusday , I sure wish I could see Alaska with you but it will just have to be through your eyes. I have read stories of the dog races and they sound like lot of work and fun too....
    Paula O(

    1. Paula,
      Alaska is a beautiful place. I hope you'll be able to join us on this virtual tour. :)

  3. Hope everything is going perfectly! :)



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