Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Reading All the Books

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Summer is a great time to get lost in a book.

Oh, I know there's a lot going on during the summer: camping trips, swimming parties, picnics, fireworks, parades, family reunions, and all of that stuff. But there's always down time when you can cozy up with a book and read. It's magic because nothing exercises your imagination like a good story. And the more you read the more you learn.

When my mother was a little girl, she lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a summer. Her father was a carpenter, and they moved where he could find work. She often told me how much she loved that summer because she read all the fiction books in the library. That blew me away. ALL the fiction books in the library. Granted back then the library wasn't as big as it is today, but still that's quite an accomplishment. My mother's love of good stories played a big role in her life and mine because she was the one who suggested I try writing a book.

See at one time, I had read all the books that I had (which wasn't that many since I'd only been married for several years and we were broke most of the time) and all the books my mother had (which actually was a lot, but not what a library would have had), and she suggested that I write a story of my own.

Her suggestion took fire within me. Not only did I want to learn to write, but I became even more aware of the stories I had read and would read. I paid attention to plot lines, characters, setting, and genre. It took me years to develop my own style as a writer and in many ways, I'm still learning.

But it all started because of a love of books . . . and a summer when my mother read all the books in the Jackson Hole Library. 

How many books do you intend to read this summer?

I'll continue this conversation on Thursday . . . 



  1. All the books in the library - wow and double wow! I still have some books on my bookshelf I haven't got round to yet!

  2. Lizy:
    She read all the fiction novels, which blew my mind. My mother loved books.



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