Monday, June 25, 2012

Kick Off for Cold Justice Blog Tour


 Welcome to the virtual dog sled race of 
Cold Justice's Blog Tour!!!

Make sure you have the right dogs for your team.

This little guy might not be a good choice.

And these two might become a problem.

Even a big dog like this might not be a good idea.

Also you need the right sled as well.

Something like this.

Not this.

And not these.

A team and sled like this would probably make you happy.

So now you have your team and we're ready to start down the trail, but before we head out it might be a good idea to get supplies.

Let's stop at Sheila's blog  
and see if she has the right supplies for our
virtual dog sled race about
Cold Justice
Don't forget to leave a comment.
I want your name to go in the hat 
so you have the opportunity 
to win one of these 
cute and cuddly little bears.

Tomorrow we'll be on the trail with two rest stops. 
I can hardly wait!

Come along and join the fun!


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