Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 4 of the Cold Justice Blog Tour

Look at all of you, up and ready to set out on this beautiful Alaskan morning. The dogs seem rested as well.

Yesterday we got off to a slow start, so slow that we didn't have a chance to stop. But today if we're lucky, we should have three places to catch our breath and have some blog-hopping adventure. 

Let's start the day off right by checking out a review in Meridian Magazine and reading what Jennie Hansen has to say about Cold Justice. She might even give us a virtual tall mug of hot chocolate.

Thanks Jennie for the review and the virtual cocoa.

Oh, look at that. You have whipping cream on your upper lip. Let me get that for you.

Okay, let's get going.

Wait a minute.

What's that I see ahead?

Aren't they adorable. But unlike the two cute bears I'm giving away to two lucky commenters on this tour, those bears look a little hungry. I don't think we ought to get very close to them. They're staring at the dogs.

Come on. Let's go around them and visit LDS Readers. Not only will they have a place for you to leave a comment, but Heather might give us a virtual sweet roll.

Double yummo! Be careful not to get frosting on your gloves.  And guess what? The bears are gone.

Now there's nothing in our way. The trail takes us straight up this snowy mountain. Oh my stars! Look who is here on the mountain pass . . . .Queen of the Clan. Maybe we can catch our breath and see what she has to say.

What a wonderful day on the dog sled trail.

Don't forget to leave comments along the trail. Those two cute bears on my desk would really like a home.

See you tomorrow for the last installment of the Cold Justice's Blog Tour. I can hardly wait.

(You're really being good a sport about all of this.)


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