Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 2 of Cold Justice Blog Tour


 Here we are day two of Cold Justice's blog tour. Look at that beautiful Alaskan sunrise. Makes you want to leap to your feet, get the dogs hooked up to the sled, and on the trail, right?

Still not motivated? Well, it is a little cold here in Alaska even though it is summer. Maybe before starting out let's stop in at MK McClintock's to refresh ourselves on her view of Cold Justice. Make sure to leave a comment so your name will go into the hat to win a cute and cuddly bear. (See sidebar for more information.)

Wasn't her place beautiful? I especially like her blog banner. And, oh my stars, did you see what she had for special guests? Well, you're a special guest so check it out here.

Now it really is time to get on the trail. Daylight is burning.

Doesn't that blast of Arctic air kissing your face feel good? Look at you go! You're doing great!!!

Hang in there. Before you know it you'll be a pro.

Looks like a storm is brewing. Perhaps we should take shelter for a while. Let's stop at Life and Love Letters and wait it out. 

Lydia's place was nice and warm against that unexpected storm.

Okay, let's get mushing or we'll never make it to our next stop.

Tomorrow we might get a lift by a kind bush pilot. You'll never guess who the pilot will be... Come on back tomorrow and find out.


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