Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ring of Fire

You're probably very curious about the photo above. It's part of the Ring of Fire. There are 452 volcanoes in the Pacific area that are part of the Ring of Fire. Ninety percent of the world's earthquakes and eight-one percent of the world's larges earthquakes occur in the ring. The entire chain of Aleutian Islands in the Alaska Maritime Refuge is the northern arc of the Ring of Fire.

During 2008 three refuge volcanoes, Mt. Cleveland, Okmok Caldera, and Kasatochi erupted within several weeks of each other.  Below is a picture of Mt. Redoubt which is part of the ring.

In Cold Justice, there is a scene where the Ring of Fire is mentioned by a pilot. Most pilots in Alaska are well aware of this region.They have to be alert and aware of eruptions. Falling ash can cause great damage to a plane's engine and even make them go down.

Below is a news report about a time when Mt. Redoubt was threatening to erupt. I'm used to seeing volcanoes on tropical islands. It's quite something to see one covered with snow.



  1. I remember learning about the Ring of Fire in geography. It's a fascinating part of our earth!

    1. It really is fascinating. Those volcanoes look amazing with snow all around them.



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