Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moose in Alaska

I've always been an admirer of moose. When my parents owned a cabin in Palisades, Idaho, they had a huge bull moose that used to come around every summer. My father always made sure he filled a water bucket so the moose would have water. One day when Dad was filling the bucket, he turned around and the moose was standing right behind him. Scared my father half to death, but he calmly walked away and the moose proceeded to drink his fill.

That was many years ago and our family has about as many moose stories as we do fish stories.

Alaska has a lot of moose. Go figure, right? But they do and they are extreme moose. Huge things. Did you know that Alaska has the highest rate of moose-vehicle collisions in the world! And did you know that more people in Alaska are injured from moose than bears.

Under the right circumstances a moose will become aggressive. Never approach a moose. Here's a clip showing just how dangerous and fast a moose can be on the attack.

My father was pretty lucky the same didn't happen to him.

Moose always make me think of my parents cabin and of Alaska. I think it has to do with an old TV series. You know the one. The lighting is pretty bad, but take a trip down memory lane and Northern Exposure.


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  1. In my state a lot of cars hit deer. I narrowly missed one about a year ago.

    Moose probably do a lot more damage than deer because they're so huge.



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