Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lakes in Alaska

I'm sorry if my posts have been like a travel guide to Alaska, but that state is so awesome when it comes to natural beauty. In doing research for Cold Justice, I came upon so many interesting scenes and facts.

I had no idea Alaska had so many breath-taking, beautiful lakes. I know the ocean views are awe-inspiring, but so are these inland bodies of water.

Alaska has around 3,197 natural lakes, approximately 67 artificial reservoirs, and 167 dams. Here's a few pictures that I think you'll enjoy seeing. Notice how clear the water is.

Fairbanks Lake

Glacier Lake

Yukon Lakes



  1. Love that first photo of the clouds over the lake. My parents are heading to Alaska on a cruise in July. It's their second trip there. Hope to see it myself some day too. It's looks so beautiful.

    1. Those lakes look so clear, but cold... How fun for your parents. I'll be they bring homes some wonderful stories about fishing, whales, and Alaska's beauty. You'll have to share their pictures.

  2. oh, those are so pretty, pretty!

    1. Thanks, Dezmond. I'm glad you liked them.

  3. This is better than any travel guide website I know. Thanks for sharing.



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