Friday, May 11, 2012


Do you know what city is in the picture above? Juneau. Beautiful Juneau. Isn't that a picture-perfect place for a city, right there on the water's edge framed with towering mountains?

In Cold Justice, Regi and her friends fly into Juneau to refuel before traveling on to Malamute (a fictional town in my book).

Here's some interesting facts about Juneau.

It's the capital city of Alaska. The city was once called Harrisburg, but changed to Rockwell, and then later was renamed by miners who called it Juneau.

It is only accessible by sea or air. Vehicles are transported there by ferry.

Here's a good picture of the city in winter.

Looks a little cold, doesn't it?

And here's something you might not know, in 2010 the city was recognized as part of Playful City USA and was honored because Juneau tries to ensure their children have great places to play. Cool (no pun intended)!

Since Regi flies into Juneau, I thought you  might like to see what it would be like to fly over the city. Have a safe flight.


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