Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grizzly Bears . . .

Yesterday, I posted about fishing in Alaska, well a critter that may fish more in Alaska than man does is the grizzly bear.

 As I researched for my novel, I came across some amazing bear stories. In Cold Justice, Regi reflects on a bear story she had heard. And here's the deal. I actually read a similar story in an old book at the University of Utah's library. The book was in their "too precious to check out" section, but I was able to sit down for a couple of hours and read it.

The story was about a park ranger who came upon a grizzly bear. In order to save himself, the ranger tried to do something that was very creative. I'm not going to spoil it for you, but I remember when I read the actual story, believe it or not,  I laughed out loud right there in the library. Of course, I fictionalized my account to fit the needs of my novel, but what a wonderful story to come across.
Growing up near Yellowstone Park, I developed a great respect for the grizzly. Here's a fun clip that shows their milder side, but don't be fool by those cute little cubs. Even polar bears give grizzlies a wide berth.

If you have a bear story please feel free to share it.



  1. On our LAST tent camping trip in Island Park, I woke up to huge Grizzly tracks by our tent. She had walked around the tent so close she would have been brushing the sides with her fur. I had the window flap down, and could imagine her looking at me (luckily she wasn't that hungry)! We came home and bought a hardsided trailer the next week!

    Brent Ward
    Rigby, ID

    1. Hi there, Brent! It's been a long time. Sounds like quite the adventure. Don't blame you from getting a hardsided trailer. Too close.



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