Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Three Chapters of Cold Justice and Qiviut

My publisher has posted 
the first three chapters of  
Cold Justice 
on their website. 

If you want a little taste 
of my new book 
click here. And if that doesn't work
try this: www.covenant-lds.com.
My publisher's website will come up. 
Look for the cover. 

It's smaller than this 
and at the bottom, 
but click on the cover 
and you'll go straight to the 
first three chapters of the book.

 I don't know how long it will be up, 
so you might want to check it out soon.

Okay, now for more of my tour of Alaska. You'll never guess what's in the basket below.

Photo from photobucket.com
It's a basket full of qiviut. Qiviut is the soft underhair of the musk oxen. It is more luxurious than cashmere.

Photo from photobucket.com

Here's qiviut that is ready to knit with. Many Native village women in Alaska knit qiviut into beautiful scarves, hats, and stoles. Special designs, reflective of the knitter's village, are sold in stores in Alaska and other major cities.Those who wear qiviut scarves claim they keep them warmer then wool. And I would think the people in Alaska would know something about staying warm.

The video clips that follow have some beautiful shots of Alaska and explains about qiviut and knitters.


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