Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zest

It is with great zest that I end my participation in the A-Z Challenge. 
It's been a privilege to have met so many wonderful bloggers. 

Now . . . drumroll please.

 I want to invite you to visit my blog during May
each weekday I'm going to post something
about the marvelously wild and beautiful state of

Picture from Google Images



I'm glad you asked.

Much of my soon-to-be released novel

is set in that state.

We're going to look at Alaska from A to Z 

So please come join the fun!

Then in June I'll have the blog tour for Cold Justice. If you are interested in becoming an influencer and participating on the tour, please leave me your email address, and I'll get in touch.

You might ask: What's an influencer? Influencers help an author promote a book online. Generally they receive a free copy of the novel to read and then post a kind review of the novel and/or author interview, the book trailer, and a link to where people can buy the book. Another thing about influencers, they help spread the word about your novel on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter.

I have a few free copies to send to the first 20 influencers.

Now, go forth with zest.  J



  1. Ah, what an awesome Z word! I look forward to hearing about Alaska in May; it'll be a nice escape from the Florida heat!

    Good luck with the blog tour!

    1. Daisy,
      Oh, I bet Florida gets pretty hot and humid in the summer. I'd be happy to have you come along on the virtual tour.

  2. Congrats on finishing the challenge and thanks for visiting my blog during the month! I would be interested in being an influencer for you if you would like.

    1. MJ,
      Thank you very much. I'll put you down. And thanks for stopping by my blog during the challenge. It was a lot of fun.

  3. We made it through the challenge! I'll definitely be back in May to check out your Alaska posts :)

    1. Martha,
      I'm so glad you'll join me on the virtual A to Z tour of Alaska. The more the merrier. J

  4. Well, we can still officially say we met during the A to Z. :)

    I look forward to your posts on Alaska. And congrats on the new release!

    1. Thanks, L.G. It was nice meeting you during the challenge, and I'm looking forward to having you visit on the virtual tour.

  5. hi Kathi, I'm here because of the A to Z challenge! Thank you for visiting Incoming Bytes. I'm looking forward to seeing your stuff on Alaska, and CONGRATULATIONS on your new book! We have now 'officially met" on the A to Z ! ~ R

    1. Raymond,
      Thank you. I'm pretty excited about my new book. I learned so much writing it. Alaska is such an interesting place.

  6. Congratulations on finishing the A to Z challenge, and good luck on your Alaska challenge in May. Exciting news about your book. Enjoy!

    1. Jenny,
      The challenge was fun. I'm so glad I met you. I hope you can stop by sometime during May. J



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