Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for Your Life Story

When my mother died, we found in her papers her hand-written life story. I learned things about my mother I didn't know before.

She was born at the base of Table Rock Mountain, and my grandfather had to row down the icy Snake River to fetch a midwife. My mother also had rheumatic fever when she was young, which weakened her heart. But that didn't stop her, though it did explain why she suffered two heart attacks later in life.

There were many other interesting details I learned about my mother, however, it came to an abrupt halt when she wrote about the Teton Dam Disaster. Her last sentence was, "The water is coming." Talk about a cliffhanger. I know she died many years after that, but if I were a stranger I would have thought she'd died in the flood. Shortly after that time my mother's heath began to decline, so I understand why she never finished.

Because of my mother's encouragement, I became a writer. I love writing fiction, making up characters, putting them in danger, and saving them. In reading my mother's life story I came to realize how important it is to write my own life story.

How about you? Have you written your life story? It doesn't matter if you're a writer or not. Your story is what's important, and your family will find it priceless.



  1. That's a great story about your mother, very encouraging.

    new follower,
    Moody Writing

  2. I have lots of old journals to leave behind but I would love to condense them into a life story complete with photos someday.

    I'm your newest follower. Enjoy the weekend and the final day of the challenge :)

  3. What an excellent post! I haven't written my life story (yet), but all of my manuscripts have pieces of my life in them. I've been very interested in my family's story (and history) lately. Maybe I'll start with my roots and work my way up to my limb of the tree!

  4. Kathi,
    that is so special that you found your Moms story after her death. we bombarded our mother in her last years -tell us things about your early life, where -how-why when - what, she thought we were nuts but we wanted to keep some of her with us and so she sat patiently and told stories to us when we visited.
    I like your Y story....
    Paula o

  5. Stop by to see the list of my 26 favorite blogs from the challenge. Yours is on it.



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