Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for Xmen

Writer Stan Lee created wonderful characters in his X-men comics. What I love about them is how Professor Xavier (cool name) made his Westchester mansion a safe haven for young mutants to learn to use their powers for good. These are wonderful, exciting, and very different characters who have a positive influence on readers. That's something to celebrate.

I must admit I didn't read these comics. And I was slow to warm up to the movies, but when Hugh Jackman starred as  Wolverine, I became interested. And I've always liked Patrick Stewart, who played Professor Xavier, since his days as captain on Star Trek the Next Generation

The X-Men Prequel movie was released last year with James McAvoy starring as Professor Xavier. He was fabulous. The movie did a great job of filling in the back story that I didn't know before.

I read a lot of comic books when I was young. But that was long ago. Now my son has to educate me on what's happening. There's some great stories in those wonderfully illustrated pages.

What comic book characters do you like?



  1. I first got to know the X-men when the kids my little sister sat with at lunch played X-men every day, so we had to watch the afternoon cartoon to understand the characters and their abilities.

    1. Jordan,
      Isn't it amazing what we learn from children? So many times I've been drawn into stories because of my kids. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I'm so glad you mentioned the x-men! I grew up watching the animated series, and I loved Wolverine and Rogue. I revisited that show recently and realized how three dimensional those characters are. the prequel that came out last year was amazing, and I loved how they turned Magneto into a sympathetic character who evolved (no pun intented) into a super villain.

    1. Andrew,
      You've brought up some very good points. The characters were three dimensional. I was amazed at the way they made Magneto sympathetic in that film. It certainly explained a lot. Thanks for stopping by.



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