Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Romance

I'm a big-time fan of inspirational, romantic-suspense novels. There's nothing like reading a story where guy meets gal and they are drawn to each other, but life-threatening obstacles threaten to keep them apart. They rely on God to help them. And in the end, the hero and heroine get together.

Sometimes when people hear that I write inspirational, romantic suspense, they automatically think I have explicit sex in my novels. I have to draw their attention to the word "inspirational" which means faith in a higher power plays a major role in the story. PLUS there is NO explicit sex and NO swear words. But sometimes it's tough to get that point across.

I remember one day I saw an acquittance with his ninety-year-old mother. He asked how my writing was going. I told him fine. Then he told his mother that I wrote romantic suspense and she said, "I don't read that trash."

I wasn't offended, but I tried to explain that I wrote inspirational, romantic suspense. However, she had made up her mind.

She is not the only one. Even logical-minded people sometimes lump all romance together and think the worst.

How sad that romance has been labeled with such a word. Love is something to be celebrated.

What do you think? Has all romance been labeled with a bad name?



  1. Romance does get a bad rap. I think there are amazing books out there in this genre. It's about people, life and with yours faith.

    Jen from Falling for Fiction

    1. Jenny,
      Some of the classics were wonderful romance novels. :)

  2. I think there's something for everyone. Many, many people love to read romance, with or without explicitness of any sort. It's too bad that some people, like your friend's mother, miss out on so much in life because they live with closed minds.

  3. I think all genres get a bad name, at least from certain people. I love all romances, because I love reading about two people falling in love and overcoming obstacles to stay with each other. Some of my cousins love romance as well, but dislike works with explicit sex. They know to search for work labeled nonexplicit.

    There are also people who turn their noses up at romance as simplistic, two dimensional, and brain candy. People say the same about fantasy, a genre I love. One guy responded with shock when I told him I loved fantasy and romance novels. He said I seemed much to mature for that.

    1. Stephanie,
      At one of my signings this fellow came up to me and said he never reads fiction, that he thought it was a waste of time. And there I was with my fiction books. :) I just chuckled and tried to get him to smile.

      You make a very good point that some people think romance is simplistic. But what is simple about love? It's a very complex emotion.

      I have always thought highly of fantasy writers. I mean, you create different worlds. That's not easy.

      Write on, Stephanie. And ignore what someone who is narrow-minded says. :)



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