Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for People

I love creating people for my stories. From the main character to the person who only appears in one scene these are the people in the world I've built. I love giving them flaws and attributes that make them believable.

I taught a class last weekend at a writers conference where I discussed the interior and exterior of characters: the interior forms character, the exterior reveals character.

For the interior you must build your character's biography from birth to the point your story begins, create context (where he lives, family dynamic, etc.), and set the character's point-of-view (which deals with how he views the world).

The exterior you need to define your character's need; create obstacles; and learn the personal, private, and professional sides of your character.
  • Personal--the character's outward domestic scene such as martial or single.
  • Private--what the character does when he/she is alone.
  • Professional--what your character does for a living. 
The people in your story drive your story.

Do you remember a novel with unique people (characters)?



  1. Characters are my favorite part of novels!! Reading and writing them. :)

    1. Laura,
      Characters are my favorite as well. :)

  2. Hi, Kathi,
    For me characterization is the most important part of my storytelling. My plot can be great, but if I don't have unique characters then the story won't work well.

    1. J.L.,
      You're right. Without great characters the plot doesn't hold together. Great point!

  3. Lisa Gardner wrote a book and the villain was obsessed with spiders. His character scared the crap out of me! Really wish I could remember the name of the book...

    1. Jenn,
      Oh my stars! Spiders are the worst, right next to snakes. I'd be scared as well.



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