Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Grace--and Style

Grace and style in writing, like this picture, are easy on the eye.

But a lot of hard work goes into writing with grace. Let's compare it to growing a flower. To grow a beautiful flower you need: water, sunshine, and you need to pull out the weeds.

To write a graceful sentence you must. . . .

Pull the weeds -- delete words that mean little or nothing, delete words that repeat the meaning of other words, delete words whose meaning a reader can infer, and replace a phrase with a word.

What are words that have little meaning? Here are a few: kind of, really, basically, actually, and etc.

Words that repeat: hope and trust, any and all, first and foremost and etc.

Words whose meanings are inferred: period of time, shiny in appearance, pink in color, and etc.

Replace a phrase with a word: large in size (just use large), in a confused state ( just use state), someone trying (learning), and etc.

Sun and water -- use affirmatives.

I'm sure you know affirmatives, because you're a great writer (this is affirmative).

Now put grace and style into action. Please give me some affirmative examples. :).



  1. Am writing an essay for school may have to pull a few weeds in there and let the sun shine through to make it extra super good



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