Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your Writing Shield of Faith and Three Basic Questions.

As a writer you need to be armed with a shield of faith to help you fight against the pitfalls of self doubt. I'm speaking as a person who has gone to battle against self doubt. And I must be truthful, there have been times when doubt overshadowed my belief that I could really see my end goal of having a book published. But I learned something very important . . . those who succeed are not always the most talented, or the most knowledgeable. Those who succeed are those who have armed themselves with the belief that they can.

Sounds to simple, doesn't it?

Well it is and it isn't.

Ask yourself three basic questions:

Do you want to write because you have something to say?

Do you want to write because you love telling stories?

Do you want to write because you can't imagine life without writing?

If you answered yes to these questions, you can succeed because your shield is built with the basics that will see you through self doubt.There's more to your desire to write than money or fame. It's part of who you are.

You might not be the most talented writer in your group or the most knowledgeable, but remember talent is in the eyes of the beholder and knowledge can be gained.

Study your craft from all angles. Do you like to write in third person or first person? Do you like middle grade or young adult genres? Or is romance your thing? Whatever style or genre appeals to you most make certain to do your homework, read all the books you can (both about writing and fiction in your genre) and then . . . write, write, write.

Every time you write you're building your writing shield of faith because you're building your knowledge and learning. And that my friend will help keep you from self doubt.

How do you build your shield of faith for your writing? Do you write everyday? What are some of the best writing books you've found that have helped you? Was there an author who inspired you to write? 



  1. Oh my gosh! I totally needed this post today!! Thank you thank you thank you.


    I can do this!

  2. Margo,
    I'm so glad you liked my post. I know you can do it.

  3. Yes to all three--my built in shield! I love that Kathi! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. I love to write, I love to tell stories and I have something to say...

    Do two out of three count?

  5. Great post, Kathi. I write every day to shake off the demons of doubt! That, and I keep telling myself: 'You will fix that later. Don't worry.'

  6. Coleen:
    That's a good way to think of it as a "built-in shield". Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Wendy:
    Yes, it is enough because the more you write the stories you want to tell you'll soon discover that writing is apart of who you are. :)

  8. Talli:
    You've brought up a great point that of giving yourself permission to push through a story. We can always go back and fix what's wrong. The important thing is to get the words down.

    Thanks so much for adding to the conversation!

  9. Great advice. Doubts assail me at every turn, but I tend to look the other way and worry about the next tiny step in my process :)

  10. Yes to your questions. A lot of prayer goes into my writing.

  11. Jemi,
    It's so easy to have doubts. I'm glad you look the other way and keep going. Tiny steps add up. :)

  12. Susan,
    Yes to all three questions, that's great. I rely on prayer for my writing too. Prayer helps in so many ways.



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