Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Diligence: Finishing Projects

Do you have projects that are half finished?

I have a couple of unfinished projects and every time I walk past them, they call to me, wanting my attention, but I don't have time to finish them, so I turn my back and walk away.

The two projects on my desk in my library/sewing room are

a photo album for my grandson and a warming pad.

The photo album I started way back in 2008. How do I know the date? Silly me, I put the year on it. Do I feel guilty and like a slacker Grandma? Yes!

The warming pad is a recent project. All I need to do is sew it, fill it with rice or wheat, and it's good to go.

Now I bring up unfinished projects because my goal this month is to have more diligence in my life. If I'm going to become more diligent I need to get the lead out and finish projects I've started or get rid of them.

This week I plan to finish that photo album and get that warming pad sewed. Now that you know about my intentions, I'm pretty much stuck and have to get these two projects done.

I started this post by asking you if you have unfinished projects. Come on, fess up. If I'm committing so can you. Take the challenge with me and finish those projects this week unless they are enormous and need more than a week. In that case commit to working on that enormo project until it's finished. Give yourself a deadline of when you want to have it completed and then get busy.

Because I'm in the finishing mode, Thursday's blog will be tips on how you can push through and finish that book you've been writing for years.

Our goal is to have more diligence and finish things!!!

In case you're interested . . .
The other day I was watching Glenn Beck. This year he has challenged people to work on one value a month. He's using values that George Washington tried to live by. Yes, that George Washington. If you want to learn more about Glenn's challenge check out Being George Washington. Glenn has a free monthly tracker you can download and keep track of your progress. Plus, he has baseline items that you can work on to help you achieve your goals. Pretty nifty.



  1. This is a great post, Kathi. I find that the hardest part about getting a project done is that painful procrastination phase—those days when you're feeling guilty about not finishing. Once you make yourself sit down and work, it's never as bad as you think it will be.
    Being diligent sets you free!

  2. Hi Kathi
    I've never commented on your blog but i do follow!
    I have heaps of unfinished projects:
    - an american indian cross-stitch i started whilst in high school
    - photo albums for both kids
    - school years album to start for daughter
    - various others.
    My job today is to tidy my craft boxes - i have a few! So i shudder to think what else i'll find!
    Next week the kids start back at school and kindy, so i'll be sitting down and finishing the albums at least!

    Good luck :)

  3. I need to finish painting the kitchen! Yes, I only did the trim on one wall. I will probably have to re-do it if I don't get around to the other sides!

  4. I think every mother has a housefull of unfinished projects. Add in writing and farming and I've probably got more than most, but they'll get done...eventually.
    Thanks for the post!

  5. Roxy,
    That is so very true. I finished the warming pad. I actually made two out of the material. Now for the photo album. :/ Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Kerrin,
    I'm thrilled that you finally commented! Cross stitching . . . wow. I remember I tried that, but I had to give it away because I just couldn't see the darned thing. Photo albums are tough because of scrap-booking. Mine never look very good, but I slug away at them. I have a friend who does her albums digitally online and they look fantastic. Maybe we should think about doing that. I hope you get a lot done. I'll be thinking about you as I'm working on my grandson's album. :)

  7. Coleen:
    Painting walls is hard work, especially if you don't have help.

    Maybe you could have the one wall be your accent wall? Think about it. It could work. :)

  8. Wendy:
    Writing and farming? Oh my stars! You have two careers, plus your family. My hat's off to you!!! You go girl!



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