Monday, November 14, 2011

Blogfest Time!!!

It's official. Today is the beginning of the Getting to Know You Blogfest. Author J.L. Campbell organized this fun adventure. Stop by her blog The Character Depot to learn more about her and her wonderful books. We were part of Rachel Harrie's Writers' Platform-Building Campaign. We met a lot of wonderful writers and wanted to do another blogfest.

To participate in this blogfest all you have to do is answer these five questions. Easy Peasy!

1) Name two [romantic suspense] authors who inspire you.
2) How did you start writing in your genre?
3) You've landed a meeting with your dream agent. Write a one paragraph pitch to give to him/her. (No longer than four sentences.
4) Sabotage or accident--which would you put your female lead through and why?
5) Plotter or Panster? Who are you?

Okay, now for my answers.

1) Mary Higgins Clark. Where are the Children hooked me from the first page and The Cradle Will Fall still scares me. For my second author I’ll choose someone who writes inspiration, since that’s the other genre I write. Francine Rivers. Her Mark of the Lion series influenced me to write inspirational time travels (though hers are straight historical).

2) I’ve written several romantic suspense novels because I wanted to do what Mary Higgins Clark did, write edge-of-your-seat suspense novels. I like writing a puzzle that takes readers on adventure and makes them check the locks on their doors.   

3) I’m not going to pitch my own work here. Nope, instead I'm going to give you some tips for this prime opportunity. Do your homework before you meet an agent. Know something about their agency and the authors they represent. One of my first comments would be something along the lines of--what a thrill it is to meet with her/him and also how much I admire their work. Then I would name a specific author they represent that writes stories similar to mine. Then I would transition to my writing and the particular book I plan to pitch to them while pointing out what makes my book different. First and far most, I'd try to be relaxed and not over pitch.  Over hyping your novel is a big no-no.

4) This depends on the story I’m writing. I love stories where one thing after another happens by accident. A movie that comes to mind that did this very well was While You Were Sleeping. Great flick and it just snowballed as the story progressed. If the novel I’m writing is high suspense, sabotage would make for a fun book.

5) I used to be a pantser, but due to deadlines I've turned into a plotter. It gives me guidance and keeps me on task.

Okay now for some housekeeping deets on the blogfest…

Since this blogfest is designed to be a fun activity, it would be good to keep our posts short and sweet.

Grab the badge for your sidebar if you’re in and/or if you want to help us spread the word.

If you’re a tweeter, show some love by tweeting about our blogfest using the hashtag #platformbuildingblogfest

If you blog regularly, it would be helpful to keep the badge visible and link it to the blogfest post so visitors can find it easily.

Okay, come on, sign up and meet some other wonderful writers.



  1. Cool. I recognize some names on this list. I wish I would have seen this sooner.

  2. Carol,
    Doggone it! But still, come on and play along anyway. I won't tell.

  3. Great blogfest! I also love Mary Higgins Clark and have most of her books. She really is the queen of suspense!

  4. Julie:
    I agree with you that Mary is the queen of suspense. :)

  5. Hi, Kathy,

    Mary Higgins Clark is one of my favourites too. She writes such suspenseful novels. I haven't read anything by Rivers yet.

    I too have been inspired to write in the genre partly because of inspiration from other writers.

    You've given some great advice here, Kathi!



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