Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumn Leaves

 I love autumn!!! This picture reminds me of my parents' cabin on the lake in autumn. When my parents were alive, we used to go to their cabin in October to visit with them and see the leaves. It looked like a magical land with trees that nearly glowed as though lit from within with colors of gold, orange, and red. I loved visiting my parents. Upstairs in their cabin was a pool table. My father could play a mean game of pool. I could never beat him. Even in his eighties, he kept his title as King of the Table. While we would play a friendly game, he would oft times put a cassette tape in the player. We'd listen to music from the forties and fifties everything from Glen Miller's band to Nat King Cole. 

Autumn makes me think of my parents, their cabin, and how much I miss them. 

What do  you like about autumn? The weather? The leaves? The shorter days? Or the falling leaves?




  1. Autumn in the UK meant chilly, frosty days. Walking in woods for chestnuts with my brother. In Cyprus it means getting the garden cleared, walking the dogs and no swimming. The searing heat has disappeared and it is pleasant. The vineyards are red and gold, and the figs are ripe and juicy.

    Autumn means more writing time for me as I will be indoors more and more.

    Love the picture! Stunning.

  2. Glynis,
    Thanks for sharing a peek into autumn in your world. My daughter and I drove up the canyons this last weekend. A lot of the leaves had already fallen, but there were still some striking reds and oranges on the mountains nestled among the pines. So much to love about fall. :)



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