Friday, August 5, 2011

A Yorkie That's a Hero

Photo from NPR
As you may know, I have a Yorkie named Lizzie. She's been ill for several months. I've had to take her to the vet once a week for treatments. She's my little buddy, so when I heard this story about a heroic Yorkie it really touched me, and I wanted to share it with you. 

See this cutie in the Army hat? Her name was Smoky and she was a hero in World War II. There's even a monument in Cleveland honoring this four-pound canine. Here's her story . . .

Bill Wynne, who served as part of an Army squadron on the Philippine Island of Luzon during WWII, bought her for six dollars from a buddy who found her on the battlefield. 

Wynne says she was a smart little dog and learned tricks and commands quickly. Wynne's Army group was helping to restore a Japanese airfield for American planes to use. But stringing communication wire was a real problem. They didn't have telephone poles so they needed to lay the wire underneath the airstrip. BUT it would take them at least three days and if they dug a trench they would be sitting ducks for enemy planes. 

However, there was a drainage pipe under the strip. So they came up with the idea of tying a string to Smoky's collar and having her walk through the pipe. Wynne said, "You couldn't get a dog in a thousand to go through a dark tunnel like that when they'd never seen [it] before. But she was well-trained . . . and did it because I asked her and she trusted me." For a more of the story click here 

I love to read stories with heroic animals. Those lovable critters add depth and make the story more appealing.

What is your favorite story that has an animal as one of the characters? Have you written a story where you've included a beloved animal? 

I found this old WWII song about a dog. It's pretty cool.



  1. Aw! That's awesome!I've blanked on my animal rescuers. But this really made me think.

    Sorry to hear about your little Yorkie. I hope all goes well for her.

  2. Carolyn,
    Thanks! Just the thought of that little doggie crawling through that drainage pipe all by herself in the dark makes me love her.

    My little Yorkie still has to have treatments until September. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she'll feel better by then.

  3. What a wonderful post. I hope your little one improves asap.

  4. Thanks, Glynis.

    She seems to be doing better. Thank heavens for vets and meds. :)



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