Friday, July 22, 2011

Lifelong Friends

One of my favorite things about summer are the reunions that take place. Last Saturday I traveled to my hometown of Rigby, Idaho to attend my high school class reunion. What a blast! In the picture I'm standing between two of my lifelong friends: Cozette (Peterson) Romney and Diana (Hughes) Barney.

These two had a great impact on my life. Not only were Cozy(that's what I always called Cozette) and Diana very good friends of mine, but their parents had a huge influence on me as well. Cozy's  father taught my husband about the LDS Church, which enabled Hubby and I to marry in the temple. And when Cozy and her parents moved, Diana and her parents moved into Cozy's old house. Diana's mother became my Young Women's leader. I learned a great deal from her. 

Cozy, Diana, and I didn't do a lot together. However at different times I...

went to school with both of them . . .

played baseball with both of them . . .

and even went to camping with them.

We always had a good time.

I'm so grateful for these lifelong friends. 

Do you have friends who have made a great impact on your life?


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