Friday, July 8, 2011

Christmas in July

Wednesday I wrote about embracing summertime. So what's the deal with this post? 

I had a "Christmas in July" moment yesterday.
Every Christmas my publisher releases a book of short, true-life Christmas stories. My editor emailed and told me that my little story will be part of this year's book. I'm thrilled.

I love writing Christmas stories, but in July? Well, yes. In fact the new YA time travel I finished the end of June takes place at Christmastime. Some authors don't care to write Christmas stories because they are only in stores for three maybe four months. Some publishers don't like to do them either. They want stories that aren't controlled by the calendar, which is really a shame.

Holiday stories may have a very short shelf life, but if they're done right people will remember them year after year. For instance A Christmas Carol, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, The Little Match Girl, The Gift of the Magi, An Angel on Main Street (I had to include it) and I could go on and on, but all of these stories are memorable and have touched people's hearts. Isn't that what writers want to do--write stories that touch the heart?

For me, Christmas is magical and brings to mind white lacy flakes floating down from the heavens, singing beloved carols, and giving gifts to those we cherish. These are moments that contribute to the holiday and need to be written about. 

Which reminds me of another Christmas story I started a few years back. The opening scene has a father standing in the Santa line with his twins. One isn't feeling well and the other has to go to the bathroom when all at once . . . I think I'll open that file and visit those characters once again. 

Christmas in July? Why not? 

Okay, so forget it's July and tell me what are some of your favorite Christmas stories? 



  1. I've written stories that encompassed Christmas, but haven't ever crafted a story around the holiday. I guess the short shelf life would deter some writers.

    Took me a few seconds to find your comments link. The font may be too tiny for some to find.

  2. J.L.,
    Your Christmas story sounds intriguing. I'd love to hear more about it.

    So sorry for the tiny comments link. I've asked my designer to fix it, but as yet she hasn't. I may have to revamp some things myself.

    Thanks for hanging in there.



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