Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meeting a Deadline

I'm late posting on my blog today because I had to finish my WIP. I promised to have it done by the end of the month and I made it with a day to spare. Whew! Meeting deadlines are so important for many reasons, it builds confidence, shows you're responsible, and gives you cause to celebrate.

Builds confidence...
Meeting deadlines makes you feel good all over. You've worked your little fingers raw on the keyboard, you've sacrificed time away from family and friends, and you've stayed glued to your computer for twelve hours a  day, but now comes the reward. You did it. And because you did it once, you know you can do it again. Yes you can! If that doesn't build confidence, I don't know what does.

Shows you're responsible...
Sending your work in when you said you would shows others that you can be relied upon. They know they can count on you to deliver. And that's a big deal. It's a trust issue. They know they can trust you to keep your word. In this day and age that's an amazing trait and one that will serve you well. Have you heard the saying, "Where much is given, much is expected?" Those can be scary words, but they ring true as a writer progresses. Make sure people can count on you.

Cause to celebrate...
You know the feeling that comes over you when a storm lifts and the sun comes out. You bask in the sunshine and play in the puddles. The storm has passed and now you can party. You deserve it.

My celebrating will be playing catch up on chores I've put aside, but it's still celebrating. I'm going to read a book, clean out the closets, and pay more attention to you! Yes, I've been remiss, but I plan to correct it.

Did you see the Spreading the Joy Contest I'm having? I hope so because I'd really, really like to give the prizes away.

How does it make you feel to meet a deadline? What do you do to celebrate?

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