Sunday, May 22, 2011

Idaho Launch for River Whispers

What a wonderful time!

A big THANK YOU to Brian 
and his staff at the 
Deseret Book Store in Ammon
for hosting the event. 
I'm all sorts of upset that
I didn't get a picture of them
to share with you. 
So in your mind think of 
very attractive people 
who would do anything to help 
and that's what they look like. :)

My sis, Mustang Jo, was with me once again.

Here's Tiffany, Cody, Mark, and Michelle, with us. 
In the back row hiding is Bill, my brother, and his wife, LaRae.

Hey, Debbie I finally have a picture of you with us!

Cindy has come to all of my Idaho book launches.

Stan, Carol and Travis. 
Carol has gone on several fishing and rodeo adventures with Jo and me.

With Jo is Joyce. They're watching a  video.
Sneaking behind Joyce is Julie.

Bill, Stan, and Julie. See the fishing pole. 
Obviously they're talking about the one that got away.

Colby, KayLyn, Conner, Tiffany and Travis.
Thanks for lunch, Travis!!!

A candid shot.

Many others came who slipped away without getting their picture taken. There should be a picture of Tonya who stayed the entire time, helped with the dessert, and even made a trip to the grocery store for some wipes. See the display behind me, she's sitting in a chair behind the display. My brother, Steve, was there also, but was called away on Church business.

A huge thank you goes to my sister, Jo. 
Sis, what a great time!!! 
We have to go fishing this summer.


  1. Looks like a really fun book launch. Congratulations!

  2. Julie,
    We had a great time. Thanks for stopping by.



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